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a blog by emily alix

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liberty Antiques Festival!

Hello! I know it's been a little while since my last post...but I swear I am alive and had a great shopping weekend! I went to the Liberty Antiques Festival on Friday!!! I couldn't get any photographs of the actual festival this year because it was pouring down rain....really....I got soaked! Haha. But, it was all worth it for some great vintage Pyrex finds.

Okay...my finds: purchased the sunflower casserole dish for $10 (yay!), the fridgies were $2 each, the blue horizon 1 1/2 pt bowl was $4, the amish butterprint pieces were a steal...all three for $10 (!!!), the striped nesting bowl set was $20 (very exciting), and finally the small green pixie casserole was $3. I am not sure what the aqua casserole underneath it is, but I bought it because I already had two of them at home and I loooove the color. And it was only $2!!! I love good bargains. :)

Now, I did not buy this at the antique festival, but I bought it at an antique store on the way home. It is a vintage Le Creuset "flame" colored pot! Bought it for $24! I was very excited about it. This is my first Le Creuset piece and now I am hooked.

So, this is just part of my Pyrex collection. I seem to have a few pieces stuffed here and there but I thought this display on top of my yard sale cabinet looked pretty cute. Can you tell I love the bright Pyrex colors? :)

Yes! Proof that Pyrex is stuffed everywhere. LOL. I didn't have anywhere to put these, so I stuck them up here. I love the aqua and the pink together. ---As long as they don't fall on my head. : P

Thanks for looking at my finds! What have you found lately that you were excited about?


  1. Great Pyrex deals!!! I have it tucked in here and there too, it's just something you do when you are a Pyrex-a-holic! :)

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog while looking up the gemco chopper I found at a thrift store in Cambridge MA...only mine was 2.99, not 50 cents! Very impressed with your collecting and bargain-hunting skills...and with your corgi!
    -an admiring Yankee

  3. I love finding Le Creuset at the thrift too, and have become a bit of a collector... Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and check out my LC finds. I think I have the same sauce pot as you in white: http://sixballoons.blogspot.com/2010/08/vintage-le-creuset-saucepot.html


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