a blog by emily alix

a blog by emily alix

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This week's new goodies.

Here are this week's new finds!!!!!! :)

Here is my (new to me) aqua vintage Pyrex bowl and vintage Pyrex snowflake casserole; both were $8 each. I absolutely love this color and had to buy them.

I found these cute little retro gloves for $3. I really have no idea why I bought them, besides the fact that they were so cute and colorful. I think that they will be cute hanging on a Christmas tree or a garland. I bought this bottlebrush wreath because it was on sale for $2, although it is a reproduction of an old ornament. Finally, I bought this cute little red drawer to put Christmas cards in for next year. I love it!

These plates are not vintage, but I just received them as an early birthday gift. They came from Italy (my Aunt is an artist and goes there occasionally to paint) and the company is called Vietri. I love how colorful they are.

Thanks for looking. :)


  1. I just love the shape of those rectangular Space Saver Pyrex casserole dishes! I hope you come across a lid sometime! Love that bright red drawer too!

  2. Great finds! We love that little red drawer also, that will be super cute with Christmas cards displayed in it :)! That snowflake pyrex pattern is one of our favorites!


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