a blog by emily alix

a blog by emily alix

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! It has been awhile since I have posted...and I have somewhat lost track of my new finds! :) So, it is time for me to catch up. :)

I was really excited about Christmas this year. Even more so than usual. :) It was my first Christmas being married, and even though my husband was not home this year, the excitement is already building for next year. I have bought some very cute Christmas goodies.

My Christmas display of some vintage Pyrex! :)

This year, I started collecting vintage glass ornaments. My collection so far...LOVING the colors.

I made mini snow-scapes! :)

I also discovered that I love these little Christmas ornaments. These were some finds from a thrift store.

I. Love. Santa. Mugs. :) These were only 49 cents each!!!

And I can't forget about these little guys. Maybe I'll use them in some homemade snowglobes next year. I was very excited to find the Shiny Brite ones still in the packages!

I bought this cute little postcard and put it in a frame with some scrapbooking paper. I love it. The whole thig cost about $2 to make. :) Thrift store picture frame!

I have discovered vintage suitcases! I want to buy about 4 more so I can stack them to make a cute endtable. These cost $11 each.

I bought this Le Creuset Dutch oven for $10 at a local flea market!!!!!!! Bought the butter dish for $3.

Vintage Pyrex, Fiesta, and more...

I finally found a spring blossom green pan!!!! I've been hoping to find one. This one was $6.50.

Found these two pans, too. The large pan was $8.50 and the small one was $5.50.

Part of my updated collection!

I hope everyone is doing GREAT! :)

Thanks for looking. :)


  1. Your collection is looking GREAT!!! Happy New Year!! :)

  2. Sooo cute! Happy new year emily!!! ps i luv the glass ornaments, so adorable

  3. The postcard picture idea is a grand one - so cute! The Pyrex is looking good!

  4. Love the vintage ornaments! I want to start collecting them, just haven't got around to it yet! Your snow-scapes are adorable too!

  5. Love all your finds and collections! As a new "follower", I'm eager to see more!


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